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Bakeba’s heart sank each time she heard of or read about women hurting themselves or others and/or being harmed by others, especially by those closest to them. With each report of loss, it felt as if a part of her own heart was being chipped away. The abuse afflicted by others, as well as, the staged fights, the damaging competition and vicious gossip among our women beings--whether it be for fame, fortune or flamed by rage, jealousy, control and/or fear--singed a desire for Bakeba to do something, to say something, and ultimately to spread a message of inspiration to every woman being…the message…Sister U Matter!®
Sister U Matter!® -the message- was birth from the heartache that Bakeba experienced from each of these encounters as well as her own personal encounters with rejection, abuse and hurt. Sister U Matter!® the brand was emboldened by the writing of her first published book, I Am The Crown.

B. C. 'Bakeba' Raines, in addition to being the founder of Sister U Matter!®, is an author, inspirational speaker and writer. She writes inspirational articles and enjoys motivating others to discover their self-worth and unleashing their influence, power and authority in positive and productive ways.

Bakeba holds a Master's degree in Counselor Education (Agency focus) and has numerous years of experience in the private and public social service and health care sectors. Her areas of expertise include organizational development and restructuring and working with youth and adults at risk of out of home placement, their families and community support agencies. She is a native and current resident of Montgomery, AL.

In both her professional and personal life, Bakeba has reminded others of their worth …encouraging others to embrace their authority, exercise their influence and evaluate their significance; which in turn elevates their self-worth and better equips them to encourage and support others.

Bakeba and the Sister U Matter!® message will be an asset to any platform or agenda, is readily embraced and always an inspiring encounter. To schedule a speaking engagement

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B.C. 'Bakeba' Raines
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